The Hogan “ Family Affair” at the 2019 Down Under CrossFit Championship.

Successful sporting families are evident in almost all sporting codes across the world.

We have the Klitchsko brothers (Wladimir and Vitali) in boxing. The Manning brothers (Peyton and Eli) in American Football, and for those Aussie Rules fans, Gary Ablett Sr. and Jr. in the AFL.

In terms of CrossFit, the Hogan brothers are arguably the most successful in Australia, if not the world.

While neither has been crowned the “Fittest on Earth”, brothers Chris and Kieran have competed at more than 15 CrossFit Regional/Sanctional events between them, and multiple times at the CrossFit Games.

This year, the family is set to break another record, aiming to be the first ever “all-family” affiliate to qualify for the CrossFit Games from Down Under.

After competing at the Games in Madison, Wisconsin last year as part of CrossFit 121, Chris and Kieran have added two more ‘Hogans’ to the team roster with Morgan and Alice joining the squad for this year’s Down Under CrossFit Championship in Wollongong, Australia.

“Morgan is the partner of Ben, my younger brother, while Alice is my first cousin, dad’s brother’s daughter,” says the Team Captain Chris. “Maria (Chris’ wife) is the coach!”

The changes to the Games qualifying structure, announced last year, means teams are now able to consist of members from different affiliates, opening the door for 121’s roster change.

While the four members don’t train every day out of Chris’ affiliate, CrossFit 121, he says they’ve managed to make it work in the lead up to this year’s Down Under CrossFit Championship.

“Alice lives on the other side of town, so this year she started coming to train with on Sunday, which lead into her being on the team,” Chis says. “I have coached Morgs for about 5 or 6 years and we train together regularly. Kieran and I only really get to train together once or twice a week, but we did the open together this year which was fun. With completely different strategies we almost got the exact same reps or time.”

As is the case with most families, sibling rivalry does exist with the Hogans, but nothing too extreme.

“There has never been much of a rivalry but we both like to beat each other during workouts,” Chris says. “But we also want to see each other succeed.”

Statically, Chris has been the more successful member of the Hogan family, competing at the CrossFit Games three times as an individual and once as a team member. While, Kieran has competed several times in the Team division, but not once in the Individual comp.

That, along with his age, is something older brother Chris, cheekily reminds Kieran of.

“I’m a much better CrossFitter the fact that I’m so old but still beat him in every workout. It means there is no dispute,” Chris laughs. “Kieran is just really strong because he is fat and stocky.”

This year’s Down Under CrossFit Championship will be one of the final chances for Teams to qualify for the 2019 CrossFit Games. But with a high quality line up in Wollongong this year, with the likes of Rob Forte, James Newbury, Maddie Sturt, Brandon Swan and Khan Porter all competing in the Team Division, Chris is aware of the challenge ahead:

“I think we would love to return to the Games, but with the changes to the teams competition it’s unlikely,” he says. “I would just like to be in the final heat all weekend.”

The 2019 Down Under CrossFit Championship takes place at the WIN Entertainment Center May 17-19. Tickets for the event can be purchased by clicking here.


Story by:John Bric