The History of CrossFit in Wollongong

After a successful 2011 Australia CrossFit Games Regional in Sydney Olympic Park, it was decided to move the 2012 showpiece to Wollongong to cater for a larger crowd.

In 2012, the first ever Regional event was held at the WIN Entertainment Centre, starting a period of six continuous years of events being held in Wollongong.

The WIN Entertainment Centre proved to be an instant hit with spectators and athletes who praised the indoor venue and the amazing back drop of Wollongong beach.

Wollongong has often been referred to as the ‘heart’ of CrossFit in Australia.

The coastal city, just south of Sydney, is an active hub of CrossFit Enthusiast’s. The entire city opens its arms to the wider CrossFit Community and transforms itself into a CrossFit Mecca.

After a one year hiatus, CrossFit is returning as a sanctioned event to the WIN Entertainment Centre in Wollongong with the 2019 Down Under CrossFit Championship.

The continued growth of the CrossFit Games Regionals in Australia has seen spectators grow from a couple of hundred people to complete sell outs over the weekend events.

A host of dynamic vendor stalls who share the love of the CrossFit Community dedicate themselves to the bustling vendor village bringing new and improved equipment, much loved attire, new technology , and state of the art recovery gear.

This year Wollongong and the Down Under CrossFit Championship is opening its doors to individual and team athletes from all over the globe who will be competing side by side with Australia’s best.

Photo: Jim Wild

As the the heats progress into the final days action WIN will be transformed into a modern day Colosseum.

As the intensity on the arena floor increases so does the passion of the spectators who follow every rep of every athlete, screaming for more, more effort, more power, more speed, a wave of support sweeps the crowd for the athletes to make that lift or finish that workout, knowing every effort made will determine who will be crowned the Down Under CrossFit Champion with the ultimate prize on the line, an invite to the Reebok CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin with a chance to be named the Fittest on Earth.

To be part of the action in 2019, tickets can be pre-purchased here.

Story by: Down Under CrossFit Championship