The Down Under CrossFit Championship will Begin Soon!

Published by Mick Shaw on

It’s qualification for 2020 with the start of the CrossFit Open on October 10th.

With the CrossFit Games Open providing the benchmark for participation, the Down Under CrossFit Championship will once again be hosting athletes from Australia and across the globe while paying homage to its community roots.

“We are excited to be back in our heartland Wollongong next May and are immensely proud to bring the Australian CrossFit Community an event that is accessible to all.”

Affiliates, local heroes and International athletes will all meet on the iconic shores of Wollongong beach for a 3 day celebration of all things CrossFit, in a competition designed to test the athletes limits and provide the perfect games preparation for those already headed to Madison.

Photo: CrossFit Games Athletes James Newbury Rob Forte Kate Gordon and Maddie Sturt at the 2019 Down Under CrossFit Championship.

At the 2019 event over a dozen Nations were represented with CrossFit Games stars Amanda Barnhart, James Newbury (team), Jamie Greene, Jacob Heppner, Matt McLeod, Courtney Haley and Maddie Sturt (team) competing alongside the X-Terminators, Project X and 64 Army showcasing an array of Individual and team talent.

“The Down Under CrossFit Championship taught me new ways to move, it challenged me in a way I hadn’t challenged myself, as an ex dancer I thought I knew my body and what it could do, I’m excited to be coming back in 2020 and can’t wait to start practicing the events that are in store,” Joshua Alchamaa, WIT athlete, from the UK said.

Photo;: Joshua Alchamaa Clean and Jerk

To Qualify athletes must complete the CrossFit Games Open and Fill in the Expression of Interest form for Individuals or Teams.

“We are privileged to be able to provide Individual places for 80 males, 80 females and 40 teams in 2020, in conjunction with our partners Reebok and Rogue we will be presenting all our athletes and spectators a unique event of the highest calibre, with the action not limited to the arena floor.”

Photo: Spectators line the beach for Women’s Event 3 2019.

Details on competing at the Down Under CrossFit Championship are available on the website under Competition.

Tickets to the Down Under CrossFit Championship,once released will be available via the Website and Ticketmaster. If Visiting Sydney, Australia for the first time do not hesitate to contact the Down Under Team who will be able to assist you with hospitality and tourism, feel free to message us.