Team Event 6 (Run, Swim, Run)

Team Event 6 of the 2019 Down Under CrossFit Championship will take place on Wollongong Beach, where athletes will compete in a run and swim sprint. The workout begins with teams running 600 metres along the sand, then completing a 200-metre swim, before finishing with a 1000-metre run where all team members must hold onto an 8 foot rope. This workout is for time.

DUC 19 TE6

ANNOUNCEMENT: The first team event for the DUCC has been released publicly!TEAM EVENT 6:As a Team Run 600mSwim 200mRun 1000m (holding 8' rope)#CrossFit #CrossFitGames The CrossFit Games

Posted by Down Under CrossFit Championship on Sunday, 10 March 2019


Team Event 6:

600m Team Run,

200m Swim,

1000m Team Run holding 8′ rope


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