Rogue Fitness

Rogue Fitness has partnered with CrossFit in Regional Events since 2011 in Australia. 

In maintaining support for the CrossFit Community in Australia Rogue Fitness has partnered with Down Under CrossFit Championship.

Rogue Fitness has a history of providing a quality product that meets the demands of CrossFit Athletes, Rogue has stepped up as the market leader providing all the equipment needs by producing over engineered products that prove the test of time.

We started as a garage gym in the CrossFit community.  Rogue began by selling jump ropes and boxes out of a small space.  We were at the 2008 CrossFit Games and it was there when we knew how we wanted to contribute to the CrossFit Community.  We’ve done so ever since.  CrossFit was and is crucial to Rogue Fitness’s success.”  Bill Henniger

Rogue Fitness is committed to seeing the job through from manufacturing to final execution of preparing the competition floor for the Athletes. The attention to detail taken is as serious by the Rogue Team as athletes in their preparation to compete for the Title of the Fitnest on Earth. Rogue Fitness will support you along the way from Garage Gym to the CrossFit Games.

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