Michelle Thorneycroft – Mother, Athlete and Vendor at the 2019 DUC

Michelle Thorneycroft will complete a rare treble at the 2019 Down Under
CrossFit Championship. Not only will she be competing as in an individual
athlete, but she will also be mothering a newborn baby, and managing a
vendor space at the event!

Just 10 months ago, the 29 year-old gave birth to her first daughter, Maddie.
At the time, Thorneycroft knew her competitive goals in CrossFit needed to be

“Coming back from pregnancy has been the biggest challenge I have ever
experienced mentally and physically but also the most rewarding,” she says.

“A lot of times my mind was ready a lot faster than my body which was
extremely frustrating. I had to start from the beginning again, teaching my
body how to move correctly and learn movement patterns, I couldn’t string
three toes to bar together five months ago. But when I achieved those small
milestones I was so proud of my body.”

While Thorneycroft had always aspired to compete at the highest level
possible, in 2019, her main aim was just to find a happy medium between
training, and being a mother, before focusing on a bigger target.

“My goal was to potentially compete in 2020 when I would be around one and
a half to two years postpartum,” she says. “My goal this year was only to
participate in the Open and give every workout the best I had.”

But after finishing 61st in Australia in the 2019 CrossFit Games Open,
Thorneycroft exceeded her own expectations and was offered an invite to
compete in this year’s Down Under CrossFit Championship in Wolllongong,

However, accepting the invite wasn’t such a straightforward decision. With her
newborn daughter Maddie now in their life, Michelle and her partner Hayden
had to weigh up whether it was the right choice for her and their family.

“Hayden and I really had to think about whether this was something I wanted
to commit to because I understand just how much time and dedication these
athletes give to their training, recovery, nutrition,” she says.

“It’s a full-time job and there are a lot of sacrifices. But my goal is still the
same as the Open – give everything I have in every workout and have an
awesome time while I’m out there.”

Thorneycroft’s time in Wollongong will be made even more unique in 2019,
given she is also the manager of the FITAID/LifeAID AUS NZ vendor booth at
the event.

But, it’s a responsibility she says she will share evenly with her strong team:
“I think every year we have always had someone including myself compete
and work in the FITAID booth, so I’m fortunate that I have an awesome team
that always goes above and beyond and loves to just get shit done and have
loads of fun along the way,” she says.

“I’ll jump in when I can and manage everything else on the fly. Being a mum
has taught me to be a lot more flexible and to adapt to the moment, and be

In terms of this weekend’s Individual Events, Thorneycroft says she’s most
excited about getting out of the WIN Entertainment Center to compete:

“I’m looking forward to the run-swim-run (Individual Event 3) because I have
never done anything like it at a CrossFit competition, so it’s something new
and exciting to test myself on,” she says.

And in terms of little baby Maddie?

“I’ll have family here to support and help babysit her during the days I’m
competing, Thorneycroft says. “She’s a little rockstar and loves everyone.”

The 2019 Down Under CrossFit Championship takes place at the WIN
Entertainment Center May 17-19.

Tickets for the event can be purchased by clicking here.