Individual Event 5

2019 DUC IE5

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Individual Event 5 of the DUCC has been released!IE5:30 Bar Muscle ups30/20 Cal Echo30 Snatch 135/95lbs30/20 Cal Ski ErgFor a complete description

Posted by Down Under CrossFit Championship on Monday, 1 April 2019


Individual Event 5:

30 Bar Muscle ups

30/20 Cal Echo

30 Snatch 135/95lbs

30/20 Cal Ski Erg

On the Buzzer the Athletes will move under the handstand wall the move to the Bar at which they will perform 30 Bar Muscle ups from arms extension beneath to arms extension on top of the bar.

The move to the Echo Bike and complete 30/20females Cal. 30 Snatch start each rep from the floor completing the rep at knee,hip and arms extension above the head. The move to the ski Erg and complete 30/20 females Cal Ski theRun to the finish line.

9min time Cap