Individual Event 4

2019 Individual Event 4

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Individual Event 4 of the DUCC has been released!IE4:40 Strict HSPU80 WallBall 20/14lbs120/80 Cal RowFor a complete Event description

Posted by Down Under CrossFit Championship on Monday, 1 April 2019


Individual Event 4:

40 Strict HSPU

80 WallBall 20/14lbs

120/80 Cal Row

On the Buzzer the athletes will move under the handstand wall and complete 40 strict handstand push ups 80 Wallballs with the ball hitting the center of the target. Then the Athletes will make their way to the rowers where Males will row 120 Cals Females 80 Cals. Then Sprint to the finish line.

12 Minute Cap