Individual Event 2

DUC Individual Event 2

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Individual Event 2 of the DUCC has been released!IE3:Three rounds 10 Muscle ups20 Single DB SCT 70/50LBs100 Double UndersSprint to finish9 Minute CapFor full workout description, head to The CrossFit Games #RoadToMadison

Posted by Down Under CrossFit Championship on Wednesday, 27 March 2019


Individual Event 2:

Three rounds

10 Muscle ups

20 Single DB SCT 70/50LBs

100 Double Unders

Sprint to finish

9 minute Cap

Athlete moves forward to the rings starting at arms extesnion and completing the rep at arms extension ontop of the rings prior to decending. After 10 reps move to the Dumbell where they will perform 20 Dumbell Squat Clean Thrusters. The Athlete needs to squat below parralel and have the DB and arms extension above the head with the hip and knee extended. The Athlete will perform 100 double unders then move the chess piece to the next round rep matt. then Run back to the rings to start round 2. At the completion of Round 3 the Athlete will know their chess piece over as they run through to finish the round.