Great Southern Man – James Newbury

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As all eyes begin to turn to the CrossFit Games, the three time fittest man in Australia and Pacific Champion, James Newbury, will be headed to Madison for the fourth time to compete for the title of the ‘Fittest on Earth’.

With only a handful of athletes in 2019 qualifying as individuals and as part of a team for the CrossFit Games, James holds the distinction of being the only male athlete worldwide to win first place in a Sanctioned Event in the Individual and Team Divisions, (the only other athlete to achieve this feat in the 2019 season was Samantha Briggs.)

James Newbury & Rob Forte backstage at the Down Under CrossFit Championship. Photo Chris Fredes

With an extraordinary competitive spirit and drive, Newbury embodies a unique balance of the physical, mental and spiritual attributes required of a world class Games athlete.

He has generously taken time out from his Games preparation to give us some insight on competition mindset, and the Australian Rookies that will make their debut at the Games this year.

LM: You qualified for the Games as an Individual and as part of a team, Was there a difference in your mental approach to the team competition as part of the X-Terminators compared to your approach as an Individual Athlete?

James Newbury: Competing as an individual is very different to competing in a team.The hardest thing about Competing as an individual is finding that right mental state and keeping yourself in that optimal competition mode.

On a team I find myself naturally looking out for the team members, looking for ways to ensure we all compete well. If the team is confident and having fun, we will compete well.

I thrive on seeing the others going at it, that makes me do the same.The distraction of looking out for the team almost takes my mind away from the task at hand, I’ve been doing this long enough to know that the task itself isn’t the problem, my body knows how to get it done.

LM: Can you highlight an experience or something you learned about yourself in competition at the Down Under CrossFit Championship that you will carry into the CrossFit Games this year?

JN: The Down Under CrossFit Championship showed me how much better I compete when I’m relaxed and having fun. That will be my focus at this year’s Games, to enjoy the experience and give my best, I do that and the results will stack up nicely this year.

X-Terminators Rob Forte, James Newbury, Kate Gordon & Maddie Sturt (James and Maddie will both be competing as individuals in Madison). Photo: Mike Salway

LM: We have a few new faces representing Australia in the Individual Male Competition this year.

Bayden Brown who qualified as the fittest in Australia via the CrossFit Open and Matt McLeod who won the Down Under CrossFit Championship, as a soon to be four times Games Competitor, any words for the new boys?

JN. I’m so pumped to see Baydo and Matty compete. Those guys are seriously fit dudes and definitely deserve their spots at the Games. They have been on the cusp of appearing at the Games for a long time, after years of maintaining their composure their dreams will be actualised in August.

I wish them all the best and have no doubt they will impress everybody.

Go get em’ you Aussie studs!

Great Southern Man – James Newbury

“I’ve been doing this long enough to know that the task itself isn’t the problem, my body knows how to get it done.”- James Newbury (The only male to win a #CrossFit Sanctioned event as an individual and Team Member).Good luck in Madison, Wisconsin!

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Story by Lindslay Merrick.