60 Seconds With Jay Crouch

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jay crouchJay Crouch is used to being called a ‘young gun’ or the ‘son’ of Australian CrossFit icon Rob Forte, neither of which bothers him.

Crouch is blessed with an exuberance that is contagious, his passion for CrossFit, his love of training, his love of simply being at the gym. He works as an apprentice during the day and heads to his gym, Reebok CrossFit Frankston, after work, where he stays.

On the days when the doors are closed, he spends his rest time on the water, still moving as fast as he can on his jetski.

Transitioning from a CrossFit Games Team to an Individual competitor, Crouch hasn’t missed a beat with an outstanding third place finish at the DUC in 2019, behind Matt McLeod and Jacob Heppner, both of whom ended the season with a Top 10 finish at the CrossFit Games.

“Realistically I was after a top 10 finish, I thought top 10 would be a great result, I still can’t believe I got third, I couldn’t believe it then either,” Crouch said. “I need to work on my strength, but I guess that will come with age and training years behind me.”

We all know sometimes workouts don’t go to plan but we wondered if Crouch was an analyst who likes to set a plan or more relaxed athlete?

“Rob (Forte) sets my workouts and I just show up and do it, it’s great. I don’t really set a plan beforehand, you know think about times or breaking the workout down, I have an idea of where I will be I just do the workout, I work best when I’m moving naturally,” Crouch revealed. “After the workout we will take a look at it and see where I could improve, what may have let me down, where I can do better.

Event 2 last year at the Down Under CrossFit Championship definitely didn’t go to plan (3 rounds 10 muscle ups, 20 single arm dumbbell squat clean thrusters, 100 double unders) for Crouch.

“I had done it a few times in training, I beat the cap and was fine,” he said. “At Wollongong though it was the only event I didn’t finish, the muscle ups just stopped… they just stopped.”

Crouch also has no problem listening or taking advice from his friend and mentor Rob Forte. In a revealing conversation with Crouch, it’s clear that not only is Forte taking care of things inside the gym, but is clearly his ‘go to man’ if things get tough. His most trusted ally and former teammate is leading the way for his own success.

“I follow Rob’s training, the ‘Forte Method’. I trust that he knows what I need and what I should be doing, he has been there (at the Games) so many times as an Individual and on a Team, who else has that type of experience, I mean who else would you rather listen to?” Crouch said.

“He is a great support in and out of the gym, if I’m ever unsure of anything,  I just ask Rob, he will know what to do”.

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