2019 DUC – Day 2 Wrap-Up!

Day 2 of the 2019 Down Under CrossFit Championship saw athletes compete in, and outside, of the WIN Entertainment Centre. Individual and Teams took part in a run, swim, run along Wollongong Beach, while also tacking two Events on the competition floor.

In the Team Division, the battle between heavyweights Project X and X-Terminators was set for another chapter. In the men’s comp, local teen Luke De-Jonge was hoping to continue his great start to the competition, with Kiwi Luke Fiso in first place.

And in the women’s division, the Internationals led the way with Jamie Greene, Amanda Barnhart, and Tia Wright occupying the top three spots.


Once again the team’s kicked off competition on Day 2. And once again it was Project X and X-Terminators who led the way finishing first and second respectively in Event 4.

Surprisingly, both teams were upstaged in the second Event of the day, though, with 64 Army Black claiming victory in the bike, dumbbell, row, burpee box-jump workout.

The New Zealand team then went on to make it back-to-back Event wins with a first place finish in the run, swim, run along Wollongong Beach, and admitted they were a bit surprised how well they went.

“When you come to Australia and you race in a beach run and swim, you don’t expect to be coming first!” 

The result shooting them right into title contention, ending Day 2 in third place overall, just 56 points behind Project X, who hold a narrow lead over the X-Terminators.

The X-Terminators finished the day with their worst result so far this weekend, a 5th place finish on Wollongong beach. Team member Kate Gordon says she’s glad it’s now done and dusted.

“The swim was the one that I was looking forward to the least, over the weekend,” she said. “James (Newbury) was in the front, Rob (Forte) was second and then Maddie (Sturt) was third and they pulled me through the water, so the boys were just sled dogs and they just pulled me the entire way, I started catching my breath maybe the last couple hundred meters and maybe not be so much weight on the rope at the back like a brake (laughs).”

After a solid day yesterday, Raw Strength and Conditioning slipped down the leaderboard dramatically on Day 2, with a 30th place finish in Event 4 and 16th in Event 5.

Team member Laken Watt admitting it may have shut the door on their Games qualifying aspirations.

“We felt quite good going into Event 4, and then coming out, we felt quite defeated,” she said. “It didn’t go to plan, but it never really does, does it!?”

Day 2 Standings

1.  Project X (546)
2. X-Terminators (544)
3. 64 Army Black (492)
4. Renegade Z (462)
5. Starr Strength Black (402)


Matt McLeod was the standout performer on Day 2 of the DUC, winning two Events, and finishing 2nd in a third. The result saw him finish the day on top of the leaderboard, replacing overnight leader Luke Fiso, who struggled in the run, swim, run, finishing back in 64th place.

But having narrowly missing out on Games qualification at the past two Regionals in Australia, McLeod isn’t get ahead of himself.

“I have had (bad luck) here at Regionals before and I don’t want that to happen again,” he said. “I just want to prove myself a little more”.

Another dominant performer on the day was Jay Crouch. Currently sitting in 5th place after a podium finish in Event 4.

“The handstands went to plan, I was going for unbroken, but it was 35 and 5 (40 total strict handstand push ups) and then I was trying to go to 50 wallballs, which I did,” he said. “I had a few stumbles but then just survived until the end.”

American Jacob Hepner finished the day in second place overall, with Matt Reilly rounding out the top three.

Day 2 Standings

1. Matt McLeod (450)
2. Jacob Heppner (372)
3. Matt Reilly (371)
4. Luke Fiso (358)
5. Jay Crouch (347)


Heading into Day 2, the Internationals dominated the women’s division with the top four athletes all from outside of Australia.

Amanda Barnhart went into Day 2 in second place on the leaderboard, but finished in first place with a near flawless day in Wollongong, Australia. She claimed victory in Event 3 (run, swim, run) and Event 4 (HSPU, Wall Ball, Row triplet) and a 2nd place in Event 5.

The American admits, overcoming jet lag probably plaid a part in her improved performance.

“Last night I felt really, really bad at this time of night so it’s really late for me at home so felt a lot better today, so I’m finally getting used to this time change,” she said. “I (arrived) Sunday, but it’s taking me all week, like, I’ve been waking up at like 2am and falling to sleep super early.”

But she says she is enjoying her time ‘Down Under”.

“The atmosphere here is awesome,” she said. “All the people are super friendly the girls have been awesome so it’s been a blast.”

Alethea Boon also kept herself in contention with a third place finish in Event 4. The Kiwi taking the early lead in the final heat, burning though the HSPU’s.

“I probably could’ve gone unbroken but i think it was probably pretty smart to break it up because once you put up the wallballs, oh it burns!” she said. “The first 20 really hurt, and then you kind of settle in and find your pace.”

Boon also revealing she’s not too worried about where she finishes the weekend, having already secured a ticket to the Games this year in the Masters Division.

“Na, not at all, this weekend’s all for fun, Doesn’t matter where I land,” she said.

The ladies’ comp is set up for an epic final Day 3 with less than 20 points separating Barnhart and Greene with Courtney Haley third overall.

Day 2 Standings

1. Amanda Barnhart (476)
2. Jamie Greene (457)
3. Courtney Haley (382)
4. Lindsay Vaughan (346)
5. Alethea Boon (344)

Written by Hayley Jensen, Kate McCosker, John Michael Bric and Stephanie McNamara